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Can packaging has become more than a trend in craft beer, it has become a must have, especially for hoppy beers. Los Bucaneros brings its experience in mobile canning directly to your brewery.
With more than 4 years of experience in canning, we know that each beer has its own specification and characteristics.
We take our time to guide the brewer in each step of the canning beer process, leveraging our knowledge and experience to support the success of the project.

Why craft beer in a can?

  • Enhanced preservation of hops in hoppy beers.

  • Protects against UV rays and oxidation, which provides a fresher beer with a longer shelf life.

  • Offers a safer, more stable, lighter and less expensive transportion than glass.

  • Opens new marketing opportunities with an high impact presentation for your brand

  • 100% recyclable with a smaller transport footprint.

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Our Mobile Canning Service

  • Our experienced operators come to your brewery anywhere in Western Europe.

  • We help the brewery optimise the quality of their beer specifically for canning.

  • We manage the logistics for labeling cans with the brewery’s artwork plus shipping to the brewery ready for the project

  • Our Mobile canning machines run at up to 2400 cans / hour

  • We provide cans in different sizes (Standard: 330, 440 & 500 ml | Sleek: 330 ml) and color (silver | black | white)

  • In line batch and date coding

  • Hygiene, product and seam reporting throughout process

  • We can work with small and large production demands.


We offer our can packaging services accross Western Europe

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