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Born in 2018 with the idea to spread the craft beer can spirit across Europe, Henry and George, two Brits with several years of experience in canning and manufacturing, established the first Los Bucaneros Mobile Canning Line in Barcelona.

Since then, crew members from many different nationalities have joined the adventure, bringing new skills and competencies to grow and diversify our services to wine, water, hard seltzers, kombucha and many other drinks. We are proud to be equipped with 5 high-performing canning machines (Wild Goose and CODI), to have two logistics warehouses in France and Spain, a canning factory in the pipeline for 2022, and collaborate with more than more than 200 clients in France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. 

Each Bucanero(a) has a true passion for the drinks we package. We love life on the road, working with different breweries and wineries every day. Every client is unique. Each of them has different challenges, different working processes, different expectations about the final production step of their product. It is highly important to us that we deliver a premium service to our clients. We are proud that our clients rely on us to help their consumers enjoy their product in the way they intended.

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